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Home Improvement/Design Home Design Trends for 2023 Elevated Escapes and Outlandish Elements GUSTAVO GONZALEZ DEC 21, 2022 Written By: Lauren Oosterlinck In recent months, the world has re-energized, and hope has bloomed in ways that many had not experienced since before this decade began. In contrast, shifting economic and global conditions have awakened and heightened certain sensitivities. This age of extremes has […]
Home Improvement/Design Savvy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value Here are a few of our favorite impactful and straightforward means of boosting your home’s value and appeal over the short or long term. GUSTAVO GONZALEZ DEC 21, 2022 Written By: By Lauren Oosterlinck Whether you plan to be in your home for just a few more months or many more years, there are plenty […]
Home Improvement/Design Curb Appeal: A Fresh Facade Makes a Statement Maybe your perfect house was “new” a few years ago and it’s time for a refresh, or perhaps you’re just ready to mix things up a bit. Whatever your motivation for a mini home makeover, it’s always smart to begin by focusing on the facade. Go beyond a fancy mailbox or a seasonal wreath […] […]
Home Improvement/Design Staycation Innovation – Make Home the Only Place You Want to Be If your own backyard is likely to be your leisure-time destination this summer, you may as well daydream some plans to amp things up out there. Ponder these fun and fabulous ideas that just might get your wheels turning and help make your home the best getaway of all. Alfresco Pizzeria Patio kitchens have already […]
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